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2021 Conference

Our Changing World

BioPhysical Economic 

Models for the 


Format and Schedule


Our goal for this year’s conference is to bring scientists and practitioners from various disciplines together to discuss a wide array of topics that revolve around the changes that are impacting our society and world. 

The conference will span four days.  The meeting will have four main thematic sessions, each with associated hypotheses/discussion topics to focus the discussion.


Theme 1: Climate Change, Renewables and the Political Economy. (Tuesday)

Theme 2: True Energy Costs, EROI and Agriculture. (Wednesday)

Theme 3: Complex Systems: Modeling Energy, Economics and Development. (Thursday)

Theme 4: Where do we go from here ... Biophysical Economics in a world defined by SARS2-CoV2 and Climate Change. (Friday)

The sessions will be interdisciplinary and combine presentations of theoretical and practical biophysical economics models. Each day will be organized to ensure plenty of opportunities for small group discussions. Sessions will be filmed and those films will be published online on the conference website,  Thematic session discussions will be summarized and published on the conference website as well.  The conference session will terminate on Friday, Sept. 10th. Conference attendees are welcome to leave the conference at that time. 

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