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New Energy Financial Policy: Russian oil and gas industry sustainable pattern recognition model

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Alina Steblyanskaya

PHD Student

China University of Petrolem Beijing

Beijing, China


Financial decisions taking into account long-term social and environmental impacts must occupies a central place in the Russian gas market companies’ sustainable growth concept. But nowadays it’s not ideal Russian gas industry sustainability we can observed. It is interdisciplinary research related to how financial sustainable growth index interact within the energy and environment as well as how social factors can influence on sustainability with strong accent on Russian gas market financial sustainable growth complex analysis. On the base of pattern recognition theory, system economics theory with use such methods as grey correlation analysis, Sheremet and Kleiner’ model analysis, system dynamics modelling, Russian gas industry “energy-environmental-social-economy sustainable system” was suggested. As a result we have observations that ecological, energy, social and financial stability in total push up for Russian gas industry sustainable growth synergetic effect. The study solves two problems: the first- it was found out the strong impact of environmental, energy and social factors on Financial Sustainable Growth Index (SGI). The second it was obtained a fundamentally different SGI calculation, since the existing approaches to the calculation of the index are based only on financial results. It was found the way from “just now” Russian gas industry sustainability to “ideal” one.

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