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Engaging millennials in big-picture issues through the use of instructional technology

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Marcie Belfi


Wells College

Aurora, NY


Professors can employ instructional technology and strategies that will spark increased interest and engagement in their students, especially as regards big picture issues such as declining resource quality and climate change. Today’s students are constantly interfacing with information, online social networks, friends and communities around the world through expanding digital technologies. Engagement of students in the university classroom has been widely discussed across fields of discipline, with scholars such as Therrell and Dunneback (2015) and West (2017) arguing for the use of real-world problems with active learning practices embedded in instruction. This session addresses millennials’ desires for interactive learning experiences with special attention to group work and online technologies to engage students who are more comfortable “behind the screen” (Bauman, Marchal, McLain, O’Connell & Patterson, 2014, p. 307) Specifically, in the session I will demonstrate examples of emerging instructional technologies in order to increase student participation and engagement.

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