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  • Abstracts must focus on scientific results or their application. The Program Committee may decline abstracts that don't meet these criteria.

  • There is no fee for abstract submission and ISBPE Membership is not a requirement.

  • Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation to give a presentation in the designated manner assigned by the Program Committee. It also grants ISBPE permission to publish the abstract.

  • Oral presentations cannot be requested, although you may request a poster presentation.


  • The abstract title is limited to 300 characters and the abstract text is limited to 2000 characters. The 2000 character limit includes punctuation and spaces.

  • Co-authors may be referenced during the submission process in the ‘Abstract’ field.

  • You may add one (1) table or images to your submission. If you would like to include multiple images, you must combine the images and save them as one file. JPG is the preferred image format. Supported file types include: JPEG image (*.jpg), PNG image (*.png), GIF image (*.gif).

  • You will not be able to edit your abstract once you push the Submit button.

  • Notifications will be sent on or before July 20, 2021.

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