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Our Changing World

BioPhysical Economic Modeling for the Anthropocene


Our Mission

To identify the most important energy, economic and social issues facing our global community, focus on solutions and practices compatible with Earth’s biophysical realities and work for social, economic and environmental progress through scientific research (focused on and informed by science-based economic theory), public education, coalition building, legislative advocacy and direct action.

Editor's Pick

2The pathway for Biophysical Economics20

The Pathway for Biophysical Economics

The discussion on the limitations of the mainstream economic theory has lasted for so long. Especially after finical crisis in 2008, more and more people began to criticize traditional economics and tried to establish some new theories. Biophysical economics is one of the most possible theories ...

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Feng et al.


The need for, and a plan for, a biophysical analysis of the Mexican economy

The presentation explores the importance of petroleum in the development of Mexico. Special emphasis is made on the economic aspects of development, but also we analyze the impact of petroleum exploitation in population growth, ...

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Salvador Peniche


A theoretical framework to study the economic importance of energy

Using marginal analysis, we develop a theoretical framework to study the economic importance of energy without considering it a factor of production. Instead, for an autarkic agent, energy is considered a constraint in consumption and an ...

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Benjamin Leiva

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